Zomato incident: `That woman attacked me! ‘- The employee who described the incident; Sudden twist

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On March 9, Bangalore-based social media influencer Hitesha Chandrani posted a video on Instagram with a bloody wound on her face, claiming that she had been attacked by a Zomato delivery employee. In the video, she said, “There was an argument between me and the Zomato staff over the late delivery of food. He then stabbed me in the nose and ran away. ”

Following this, many people started posting comments against the Zomato company employee on social media. Zomato, therefore, laid off the employee involved. Also, Zomato said on his Twitter page, “We are sorry for what happened. Our local representative will contact Hitesh. He will also receive the medical assistance he needs. “

In a sudden twist to the story, Zomato employee Kamaraj had said during the police investigation that Hitesha Chandrani had hit him with a sandal and beaten him when he pushed her to defend himself. He also told the media that he had done nothing wrong. He is regretting that he has lost his job and had to face trial. Following this, support for Kamaraj also increased on social media. Voices were raised that action should not have been taken against Kamaraj without knowing what the truth was.

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal tweeted today

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal tweeted today, “We have stepped in to find out the truth as allegations are being made on both sides. We have been assisting both Kamaraj who delivered the food and Hitesha who ordered it on behalf of Zomato. We are cooperating fully with the police investigations. Also, We have been paying Kamaraj till now on behalf of the company. As the police investigation has not been completed as per the company policy.
Kamaraj has been with our company for 26 months. Has delivered over 5000 orders so far. Also in the customer star rating, it has a rating of 4.75 out of five. This is the maximum rating per employee. Could not come to any conclusion as to what happened. We will find out the truth as soon as possible. “