Zomato gets a ‘Valentine’s day’ proposal for an internship

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Dikshita Basu used her imagination when applying for an internship with Zomato, and her efforts were rewarded when she received a favourable answer from a corporate official. Ms Basu, a computer science and engineering student at Sathyabama University in Tamil Nadu, is passionate about product design. Instead of mentioning her qualifications while applying for an internship with Zomato, she proposed adjustments to their software that may improve the user experience, as is customary.

Her valentine’s day proposal for Zomato, on the other hand, has captured the attention of the company’s CEO of Food Delivery Rahul Ganjoo and Zomato Design Lead Vijay Verma. Basu made a presentation and shared it on LinkedIn, tagging Zomato in it.

“This Valentine’s Day I want to ask Zomato out, for an Internship. So, to apply… I thought to curate something worthwhile,” her post read. 

She also recommended “Zomato Zing,” which are 15-second films of meals that can be used to make orders or reserve a table if they appeal to the consumer. Adorable pictures assisted her presentation.

Since being uploaded this morning, the innovative internship proposal has received almost 8,000 ‘likes’ and over 400 comments on social media.

Food Delivery’s CEO In addition, Rahul Ganjoo was observed responding to the idea. Ganjoo promised to contact her as soon as possible. This isn’t the first time an unusual internship application has gone popular on the internet. Last year, a 21-year-old Mumbai resident earned his dream internship at CRED owing to a 3D film he sent with his application.