Zain Nadella

Zain Nadella, son of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, dies at 26


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s 26-year-old son, Zain Nadella, died on Monday, according to an email sent to the company’s senior team. He was 26 years old and had cerebral palsy from birth.

In an email, the software company informed its senior team that Zain had died. The note requested that CEOs keep the family in their thoughts and prayers while allowing them to grieve discreetly.

Since becoming CEO of Microsoft in 2014, Satya Nadella, 54, has led the firm toward building products that better assist individuals with disabilities, citing lessons he gained while raising and supporting his son Zain Nadella.

In 2021, the Nadellas will collaborate with the Children’s Hospital, where Zain got much of his treatment, to create the Zain Nadella Endowed Chair in Pediatric Neurosciences as part of Seattle Children’s Center for Integrative Brain Research.

“Zain will be remembered for his eclectic taste in music, his brilliant sunny smile, and the enormous joy he provided to his family and all those who loved him,” Children’s Hospital CEO Jeff Sperring said in a statement to his Board that was shared with Microsoft officials.