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Yusaku Maezawa: Know who is this Japanese billionaire and why is he in discussion

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If you think that American or Western companies dominate space tourism, it is not so. In October this year, the Russian actress and director completed a 12-day shooting program at the International Space Station (ISS). And now Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has reached the ISS on Wednesday in a Russian-made Soyuz capsule. Before this, he came into the limelight by buying a ticket in 2018 itself to go to the moon in 2023. It is said about Maezawa that he has created his billions of wealth through e-commerce.

Who is Yusaku Maezawa

Yusaku Maezawa, 46, is a Japanese billionaire known to the world as a fashion mogul. He is also known as an art collector. His leading company, Start Today, started by selling music albums and CDs, which later moved into the fashion business, especially clothing, through e-commerce. The clothing brand named Zozo is very famous. His net worth this year is estimated at more than $1.9 billion.

The documentary will be made
During this visit, Maezawa will be accompanied by his production partner and videographer Yojo Hirano, who will document Maezawa’s journey. Maezawa came into the limelight in 2018 when he announced to go to the moon with the SpaceX company’s starship by the year 2023. Along with this, he had also offered to take eight people with him for free. Work on this plan is still going on. Currently, he is on a 12-day visit to the ISS.

What else will Maezawa do?

Maezawa, who went for a 12-day space stay, will share his experience on his YouTube channel. Maezawa has gone into space with a plan to complete 100 tasks. There are currently seven people, one German, one Japanese, and two Russian cosmonauts. Russian traveler Alexander Misurkin has also accompanied Maezawa.

A hundred things to do in space
Maezawa has a list of a hundred things to do in space, for which he had sought advice from the general public in May this year. Along with flying a paper ship, this list includes the task of bringing air back to Earth from Tiktok Dance and Internation Space Station. It also consists of a badminton tournament.

Suggestions sought on website
While taking advice from the common people, Maezawa wrote on his website, “I want this experience for everyone, and that is why I have come up with this plan. What should I do in space? I like your thoughts. These thoughts can range from childish to severe. He had said that he would choose 100 out of these suggestions.

How to ask for suggestions

Maezawa had told at the same time that if these suggestions were accepted. They would be filmed in the station itself, after which it would also be made available on YouTube. He also gave some advice to the people on his behalf, like what will happen if you expel stomach gas and go forward or up. Or what if you play Pokemon GO in space or call someone from space.

It is not clear how much the trip to Maezawa cost. It is being told that before this, the cost of the first such flights to the International Space Station came to about $ 20 to 40 million. Space Adventure, the company arranging his trip, has not clarified this, but it is being told that at present, the cost of the trip is around $ 5 to 60 million, due to which the cost of travel to Maezawa is less.