YouTube Music free users will lose video support from this month

Music Technology

Fans of YouTube Music’s free music streaming service will soon be able to listen to their favorite tracks in the background, thanks to a tweak to the ad-supported service that YouTube is rolling out. In November, they’ll have this capability. However, a previously available function to free users has been removed, making YouTube Music’s video streaming option only available to paid subscribers.

For a long time, people who had the accessible version of YouTube Music could not listen to music on their phones even when the app was closed, or the screen was off. This meant that users had to keep their screens active and not move to other programs, or else the streaming would stop. A previously-exclusive feature of YouTube Premium or Music Premium will be made available to all users starting in November for free.

In the same manner that Google has added new features, it has also removed some old ones. Only YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to see videos in the YouTube Music app, while free users will only listen to the music they already own. Music videos will still be available for free on the traditional YouTube app for those on the free subscription tier.

According to reports, the move will first go live in Canada on November 3rd. If something you are anticipating or praying for doesn’t happen, there is some good news: This implies that more locations may get the improvements at some point in the future, but they are not available right now. After Apple revealed a new Siri-powered Apple Music plan called the “Voice Plan” for a select number of countries on Monday at Apple’s Unleashed event, it remains to be seen whether Google changes its price.

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