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YouTube is testing ‘timestamps’ feature, will not be seen long videos.

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It seems that Google’s video sharing platform YouTube is going to improve its users’ experience. It has come to the fore that YouTube is testing timestamps or bookmarks features on its platform. It often happens that you want to watch a particular part of any YouTube video, and this feature gives users the option of starting a video from a particular point instead of seeing the full video. This feature has been spotted by the Android Police and currently it is not getting globally in all areas.

The report said that this feature has been found in Google App There is no information about when this feature will be available to everyone. If you search Google’s beta app YouTube videos with version, then you see some videos with their timeline and bookmarks. Timestamps scrolling down to the video timeline and the information associated with them. With this help you can go directly to the part of the video that you want to see.

The good thing about the feature is that their thumbnails along with many bookmarks are also visible, which make it easy for those who watch the video to switch on the parts of the video. The video can be played with a single point by clicking on the thumbnail. They have been highlighted in blue and some users have shared screenshots with Android Police. At the moment, this feature is not fully prepared because some drawbacks related to the timeline are still being seen, which can be fixed.

There are no two opinions that this feature will save users time and they will not have to watch the entire video. In addition to this feature, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on Monday that Youtube has removed over 9 million videos from its platform in the last quarter. Such videos have been removed due to dangerous and objectionable content. According to the report, Pichai also said that this platform is too big to completely remove the problem and cross the checkboxes of every video.