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In this year 2018, the US space agency NASA’s satellite will reach close to the Sun.

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American Space Agency NASA will be 60 years old in 2018. The agency is in the process of launching several campaigns in this one year. These include the much-awaited solar campaign. In this sequence, NASA Parker Solar probe campaign will be launched to gather information about the outer cover of the sun.

The vehicle to be launched under the mission will go to the Sun chamber seven times in seven years and approach it. To reach the Sun, the planet’s gravitational force will be used. Giving this information, NASA said in its statement that the spacecraft will be close to 62 million kilometers of the Sun’s atmosphere. No mission has been reached so close to the Sun before this.

Parker Solar Probe will be able to check the sun’s atmosphere by reaching such areas where radiation and heat have the most effect. Astronomers will try to know this with the help of this mission, how the energy and heat flow from the outer covering of the sun i.e. Corona. It will also be explored how the motion of air and energy from the sun increases.

Apart from the solar mission, NASA will also increase its presence on the planet Mars next year. NASA is also preparing to launch the mission of two new generation named NASA ICEAT-2 and GRACE to collect data on ice-sheet, sea surface and ground water present on Earth.