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Xiaomi users will no longer see any add-ons in MIUI, and will get the option to disable them.

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Xiaomi had been facing criticism and resentment for showing the advertisements on its smartphones and devices since last long and now the company is going to improve it. The company is still showing an ad in the system apps and the argument is that the users get the best hardware at a lower price, in such a way the company gets revenues from the ad too. However, these ads which are visible to users in the phone are always annoying and the users are also showing resentment on the social media. Now the company is going to give an option to add users.

Recently, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi has said that the company is going to remove the complaint related to Ad. According to a report from Chinese Publication Mydrivrs, General Manager of Xiaomi’s Internet Services has said that the company is going to reduce its add-on in its custom user interface. With this, users will also have the option of disabling the ad. For the time being, Xiaomi has now reduced the display of add-on in its system app. In the coming days, the company is going to reduce it further.

Along with this, Xiaomi is going to regulate and improve the ads that appear to its users. This can take 2 to 3 months. Advertisers have to decide that the ads appearing to users are not bad and they are not confusing. Guidelines from the company will be improved even better and Xiaomi will take action against advertisers who violate it. The company will suspend such advertisers and cancel their advertisements and their advertisement account will also be closed.

Xiaomi is also working on the next version MIUI 11 of its Android-based custom UI MIUI. According to the reports, the new UI update will be an easy option to add users, while the company is also going to reduce ad space. It is also the attempt of Xiaomi that at least the ads should be given in the system tools as the company continues to receive negative feedback from the users.