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Again Xi Jinping preparing to become president after 2023.

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The ruling Communist Party of China has proposed to remove the section from the constitution, which gives only a person two terms of the President.

If this proposal is passed then the current President Xi Jinping will continue to be in the post even after his tenure.

Such speculation has often been imposed that Xi Jinping wants to continue its presidential term even after 2023.

After the departed Mao Tsetung party Congress party last year considered them the most powerful leader.

His ideology was included in the party’s constitution during the Congress and during the conference, no heir was chosen.

Shi Jinping’s father, born in 1953, was one of the founders of the Communist Party. In 1974, he joined the party and before becoming the President in 2013, he got hold in the party.

During his tenure, economic reforms, a terrible campaign against corruption and a new beginning in nationalism were seen. During his tenure, suppression of human rights was also seen.

What is this step?

On Sunday it was announced by the official news agency Xinhua.

Its report says, “The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has proposed the removal of the stream which does not allow the president and vice-president of the People’s Republic of China to serve more than two consecutive terms.”

More details were not given in this but the full resolution was released later.

This announcement has been done very carefully because Chinese people will return to work on Monday after celebrating Chinese New Year. China is also at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, because in South Korea after 2022 this game is to be held in Beijing.

Senior party leaders of the party’s central committee are going to meet in Beijing on Monday.

Before going to Parliament, the proposal will be kept in the National People’s Congress, which begins from March 5.

Provision ended in 1990

According to the current system, Xi Jinping has to leave his post in 2023.

The tradition of holding office for 10 years started in 1990. At that time veteran leader Deng Jiaoping had demanded to avoid repeating the chaos. After this Mao is considered to be the era before and after.

Two former presidents from Xi Jinping followed the announcement of this succession, but after Jinping came to power in 2012, they showed readiness to write their own rules.

It is not clear whether Jinping will be in power for a long time, but according to an editorial in China’s official newspaper Global Times, the change does not mean that the whole life of the Chinese President will be a lifetime.

In the newspaper, the Communist Party’s academic and party member Su Wei said that this is an important decision as China needs a stable, powerful and consistent leadership till 2020-2035.

Sealya Hatton, Asia Pacific regional editor of the BBC World Service says that the announcement was expected.

He tells that the Communist Party has been ruled by China over decades and now Xi Jinping is in the headlines and has joined the party.

Celia tells that Xi Jinping’s picture is on the boards all over the country and his official nickname ‘Papa Xi’ is included in the official song.