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Xi Jinping ordered the Chinese army to prepare for the war.

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During the trade war with the United States and the South China Sea, China’s President Xi Jinping has ordered the Army to mobilize the war preparations between the incidents of tension. According to a report by China’s official news website Global Times, Xi Jinping has ordered the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) to increase Crisis Awareness and war-related activities, citing growing challenges ahead of China.

In addition to this, China will also demonstrate its military power through the parade at the Tiananmen Square to commemorate the 70th year of establishment of the People’s Republic of China this year. The parade will be a tip for the PLA’s battle capabilities.

According to the Global Times report, Xi Jinping told the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) to prepare for the war preparations in the Central Military Commission’s meeting on Friday. The Chinese President said, “The world is going through such periods of major changes that have never happened in 100 years. China still has significant strategic opportunities for development. ‘

Xi Jinping warned the PLA that all the risks and challenges are increasing, for which combat preparations are necessary to face. According to the report, the Chinese President said in the CMC meeting that all the armed forces will have to raise awareness about the risks, crises and war that will have to make concrete efforts for war preparations to fulfill the tasks given by the party and people.