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World Wildlife Day 2021: Biodiversity threatens, many species on the verge of extinction

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World Wildlife Day 2021: It is the richness of biodiversity that makes the earth worthy of living and living. But the irony is that the ever-increasing pollution-like monster is having such a dangerous effect on the environment that many species of flora and fauna are slowly disappearing. That is why the United Nations General Assembly, in its 68th session on 20 December 2013, announced the adoption of three March as World Wildlife Day.

If we talk about some of the endangered species of fauna in the country, then the number of Hangul found in Kashmir has been reduced to just around two hundred, out of which about 110 are in Dachigam National Park. Similarly, the species of reindeer deer commonly found in marshy areas is now confined to some forests of central India. Malabar brittle has not been seen since 1987.

However, their number is believed to be around two hundred at the time in the Western Ghats. The world’s smallest white-toothed mole, found in Mount Harriet, South Andaman, is on the verge of extinction. Asiatic lions are also confined to the Gir forests of Gujarat. Every year tigers are dying in large numbers in the country. Elephants collide with trains many times and are dying in the face of death. Many of these kill wild smugglers.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), about 45,000 species of plants are found in India. Of these, 1336 species are under threat of extinction. Similarly, out of 15 thousand species of flowers found, one and a half thousand species are on the verge of extinction.

According to environmental scientists, insects and mites become sluggish in a pollution and smog environment. Pollution poison is now reaching the bodies of animals such as bees and silkworms. Colourful butterflies are also suffering from this. Not only this, but it is also having a bad effect on trees and plants in highly polluted places. Leaves of plants also break down quickly due to the high amount of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and ozone in the air.

Environmental experts clearly say that if this is not taken care of soon, the conditions will become so dangerous in the coming times that many species of plants and animals will become extinct from the earth. Admittedly, development is necessary to meet the increasing needs and facilities of human beings on earth. But it is for us to decide that this period of development does not pose a threat to the environment and animals.