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World Tourism Day: Know about 10 beautiful cities on World Tourism Day

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In view of the importance of tourism and its popularity, the United Nations decided to celebrate September 27 as World Tourism Day from 1980. September 27 was chosen for World Tourism Day because the constitution of the World Tourism Organization was adopted on this day in 1970. The specialty of Tourism Day is that different themes are kept on Tourism Day to make people aware in different ways every year.

If you are fond of traveling, then you must know about these 10 beautiful cities on this World Tourism Day. These places must be visited at least once in life, it will give you a wonderful experience –

  1. Venice: You can understand the beauty of this city only when you see it with your own eyes. The only word for the beauty of this city of the world is ‘unique.’ Every building in this city is a piece of art, and its beauty increases, even more when its shadow is seen in the canals that cut the city. Its magical view is enchanting and awe-inspiring. On reaching here, we feel as if we have entered a real fairy world. This city is so amazing from other fascinating places in the world that it would be unfair to give the name of Venice to any other city.
  1. Paris: In the capital city of France, the view of the Seine river and the bridges built on it is made on sight. Its wide main thoroughfares, stunning squares, splendid buildings, and the alluring streets of Montmartre (the city’s most charming and elevated point) are enough to prove that it is the most opulent and prettier city of all the world’s cities.

In fact, it has inspired other capital cities of the world and has led to palaces and surroundings such as the Champ-lsée (Châz-lsée) and residential squares such as the Place des Voges (Place de Voz) in every country in Europe. Huh. Sitting at this city’s outdoor cafe table or taking a boat ride in the River Seine will be etched in your eyes forever.

  1. Prague: Known as the City of Thousand Minarets, the city has magnificent, artistically preserved historic buildings representing each period of history.
  2. Lisbon: Lisbon is one of the most picturesque cities globally, embodying the spectacular view of the hills from the hills built below the gorgeous Tagus River. There are beautiful views at every turn in an unexpected way and can be seen from the steps of colorful, attractive streets and hilltops of strategic buildings and distant sights.
    The main feature of this city is that it has a rough yet attractive look that creates an innate beauty and an old-fashioned charm that other cities in the world have lost. About such a beautiful place, the world’s great explorers had said in the 15th century that except this city, where else would they find such beauty?
  3. Rio de Janeiro: In Brazil, it is said that God created the whole world in six days and spent the seventh day making Rio. So much natural beauty is associated with the city that it is counted among the most naturally beautiful cities in the world. If the buildings and the population are removed from this city, and one looks at the top of the famous Sugarloaf Mountain or the Corcovado statue, one will see the most beautiful natural wealth in the world.
    The blue of the sea mixes with the Mediterranean background of green, and the sand shines like silver on the beaches, which is probably why the locals call it the ‘Wonder City.’
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Each of the buildings on the banks of the main canals of Amsterdam can be called a historical building. They are beautifully preserved in the form of apartments, offices, cafes, restaurants, to brothels. All these together create such an aesthetic uniformity that makes it one of the most attractive cities in the world. It is a place where bridges and bikes intersect the charming streets, and this feature creates an extraordinarily beautiful city.
  5. Florence: This Italian city is synonymous with the Italian Renaissance period, while its artistic heritage is kept in its palaces and museums. Nevertheless, artifacts remain on the inner and outer walls of its government and private buildings. Here Michelangelo wrote stories from his art in the 19th century for the entire city to see. It would not be wrong to say that there are only a few places in the world where people are overwhelmed with awe.
  6. Rome: Situated on seven hills on the banks of the Tiber River, Rome is such a wealth of buildings with the most beautiful squares and the best architecture in the world. Since most tourists who come here only see the beautiful squares and buildings, the city’s streets, such as Trastevere, leave the area undiscovered. Due to the beauty and grandeur of these streets, Rome is called an eternal city.
  7. Budapest: This city is divided into two parts by the Danube River. In fact, Budapest is a confluence of three cities. Buda is a hill on which a royal palace is built. While Pest is also an old town mostly filled with Baroque and Gothic monuments of the 19th century. But its third part is full of wide streets and wonderful specimens of architecture, and in this part, the building of the Hungarian Parliament building is also located. But if you go to the old part of the city, here, you will find the most romantic streets like you have rarely seen before.
  8. Istanbul: It has been called the meeting place of East and West culture. It is wonderful to walk around in this magical city. The beautiful streets, markets, and the fragrance here are all beautiful and one to feel pure. Although this city is known for amazing architecture and beautiful minarets, the mixed culture is also amazing. Decorated with beautiful churches, mosques, and other incredible buildings, Istanbul will always look forward to welcoming and waiting for you. This historic city boasts of many colors in itself.