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World Teacher’s Day: know why teacher’s day is celebrated all over the world on 5 October and what is its importance

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Teacher’s Day is an event for which students and teachers alike look forward. Teacher’s day is important for students because it gives them an opportunity to try to ensure that their teachers get deserved respect. Similarly, teachers also look forward to the Teacher’s Day celebrations as their efforts are recognized and honoured by students and other educational institutes. Teachers should be respected and respected.

It is said that the teacher is the one who takes the disciple to his destination, but today there is a distance in the relationship between the teacher and the disciple in the world. Today, the importance of the teacher is very less in the eyes of the disciple and the teacher also does not pay much attention to strengthening the foundation of the disciple. In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 September.

International Teachers Day is held on 5 October
The interesting thing is that Teacher’s Day is celebrated all over the world but everyone has set a separate day for it, so in some countries, there is a holiday on Teacher’s Day, but in other countries, that day is working as usual.

In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 September and in most countries on 5 October. Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on 5 September in memory of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan whose aim is to promote the importance of teachers, while World Teacher’s Day aims to convey and promote the importance of education with teachers across the world.

When the first Teacher’s day celebration was held in India?

In the year 1965, Some prominent students of Radhakrishnan organized a gathering to pay tribute to the great teacher. At that gathering, Dr Radhakrishnan expressed his deep reservations regarding his birth anniversary celebrations in his speech and emphasized that his birth anniversary was celebrated as ‘Teacher’s Day’ by paying tribute to other great teachers of India and Bangladesh. should go. Since 1967, 5 September is observed as Teachers’ Day till date.

History of the World Teacher’s day

World Teachers Day is celebrated every year on 05 October all over the world. World Teachers’ Day started in the year 1994. The bill was passed by the United Nations in 1994 to support UNESCO on the recommendation of UNESCO to celebrate World Teachers Day internationally. After which it started celebrating every year on 05 October.

Importance of World Teacher’s Day

UNESCO and International Education run a campaign every year to celebrate World Teachers Day to help people understand teachers better and play their role in the development of students and society.

Different days for teacher’s day in the world

Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated in UNESCO. To promote the cooperation of teachers in the society and to realize the responsibilities of the teacher, World Teachers’ Day was started in UNESCO. China also started Teachers’ Day in 1931, but in 1932 the Chinese government allowed Teachers’ Day to be celebrated in China and it was decided that Teachers’ Day would be celebrated on August 27, but later this announcement was also withdrawn. In 1985, it was announced that Teachers ‘Day would be celebrated on 10 September, but there is still a difference of opinion regarding Teachers’ Day in China. Many people in China want Confucius’ birthday to be celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

In Russia, the first teacher’s day was celebrated on the first week of October, but in 1994 it was decided that in Russia, Teacher’s Day would be celebrated on October 5. . America has also been in great differences over Teachers’ Day. In the US, the methods changed for the first teacher’s day, then it was decided to celebrate Teachers’ Day in the first week of May. Even today in America, Teacher’s Day is celebrated all week. Teachers’ Day is also celebrated in Iran. Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 2 May in Iran after the assassination of Ayatollah Morteza. Ayatollah Morteza was one of Iran’s most famous professors in whose memory Iran celebrates Teachers’ Day on 2 May.