World Post Day 2021

World Post Day 2021: This world day was decided by the proposal of an Indian

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World Post Day 2021: When the Internet arrived in the 1990s, many people predicted that the postal system, which had served as the world’s lifeline of communication for 120 years, would be phased out. The Internet has taken over as the primary mode of communication. The postal system is not dead, but it needs to be brought back to life. Her positions have seen some significant modifications, but her influence has not diminished. People must be well-versed on this subject. On the 9th of October, the world celebrates World Post Day.

In India, there is a National Postal Week
From the 9th to the 15th of October, India celebrates National Postal Week in addition to World Post Day. Their goal is to raise public awareness of postal services and their value so that people understand the importance of the people who work in these services, who connect people all over the world at all hours of the day and night.

Union Postale Universal
Every year on the 9th of October, World Post Day commemorates the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s founding (UPU). In the year 1874, UPU was founded in Switzerland. Since then, many countries all around the world have used postal services.

Letters and documents were sent in this way only
In addition to personal letters and vital documents, postal services now offer e-commerce and online shopping package delivery systems. The nature of these services has evolved dramatically since the introduction of the Internet, which was once primarily known as a service for the transportation of mail and documents.

Even though people have begun to use digital channels to transmit their goods as a result of digitalization, postal services remain as vital in society as they were previously. It has undergone a thorough transformation. It has a fresh look thanks to e post. The private sector is progressively making inroads into previously government-owned services.

How should this day be commemorated?
India also played a part in the creation of this day. The United Nations Postal Union Congress first commemorated World Post Day in Tokyo, Japan, in 1969. Shri Anand Mohan Narula, a member of the Indian contingent, proposed it, and it has been observed every year on October 9 to raise public awareness about the importance of postal services.

What is done on this particular day?
The 192 UPU member countries throughout the world, World Post Day, and the importance of global mail, i.e. postal, are highlighted on this occasion. On this occasion, the impact of UPU on society and the world economy is also discussed. On this day, a unique postage stamp exhibition will be held, as well as new postal innovations.

2021’s theme
‘Innovate to Recover,’ i.e. ‘Bring New Change for Restoration,’ is the topic for World Post Day 2021. It has been claimed to make a promise that today measures should be made to save and improve the postal system, which is needed today. While everything is going digital, the United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) has urged everyone to help restore postal services and come up with better ways to save them.