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World Milk Day: Know, the benefits of milk and the truth of the myths associated with it.

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Many nutrients rich in calcium, protein, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin b12 are beneficial for health, there are no two opinions in it. But there are many myths associated with milk, which should be eliminated. Also, we should also know at what age it is necessary for us to drink milk. Read on the occasion of World Milk Day, lots of benefits associated with milk.

According to experts, milk is a complete food. According to the National Institute of Health, Adult usually consumes 1000 to 1200 mg of calcium per day. A glass of milk contains 285 mg of calcium. The body uses this calcium to strengthen bones and teeth. Regularly by drinking plenty of milk, the loss of bones can be avoided due to aging. Phosphorous in milk helps in absorb calcium and keep bones alive.

Children 1 to 2 years old
These children need more fat diets for better brain development, so full cream milk should be given. For them, 3-4 cups of milk (about 800-900 milliseconds) is necessary in the day.

2 to 8 years
Two to three year olds should give two cups of milk or milk products daily. Children of 4-8 years old are required to give two-and-a-half cups of milk / milk items such as paneer, curd etc. daily.

Over 9 years
Thousands of children should be given about three cups of milk / milk every day for children older than 9 years. Active teen agents need about 3000 calories daily. They can give up to 4 cups of milk / milk products. Milk is essential for the strengthening of bones, hence the children should not drink too much, the elders should drink milk too.

Adults should drink tod or skimmed milk instead of full cream because they avoid eating extra calories.

Sr. Dietician, Fortis Hospital says that drinking excessive milk can cause iron deficiency in the body. Calcium iron interrupts the absorption process. If children drink more milk they lose weight because they do not have enough food after feeding them with milk. Due to being rich in protein, hunger is too low.

Milk is not the only and the best source of calcium. The fact is that our body is barely able to absorb calcium present in cow’s milk. Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, greens, soya bean etc. contain very good calcium.

Packet milk is better than cow and buffalo’s milk because there is scope for adulteration in cow / buffalo’s milk. Yes, if you have milk in front of you then there is no defect in taking cow / buffalo’s milk.

Buffalo milk has more fat than cow’s milk. There are about 65-70 calories in 100 ml milk of cow, and there is such a calorie in the mother’s milk. But there are 117 calories in 100 ml milk of buffaloes. Fat in the cow’s milk is less, but cholesterol is more than buffalo milk. Those who have obesity should avoid buffalo’s milk and cholesterol patients should be fed with cow’s milk.

The quality of the Tetra pack milk is not better than the rest of the milk. That’s the difference between packing. It is true that milk is not bad in this packing for a long time, but it is wrong that trace pack milk is better than other milk.