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World Kindness Day 2020: Know Theme, History, and Significance

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Kindness is such a pure word that by this no one can feel any negativity. Being kind is a blessing for others. And not only for humans but for all living beings. A day is dedicated to kindness. This day is World Kindness Day.

This day focuses on promoting kindness among all the living beings on the earth. And this day comes on 13th November, every year. This day is a part of the World Kindness Movement. And one must know the history as well as the significance of this day. Being kind is an act that helps everyone to experience the kind of internal peace it gives. And many countries celebrate this day. These countries include the United States, Japan, India, and Australia, and many others too.

World Kindness Day Theme in 2020

The theme for the day in 2020 is “Kindness: The World We Make – Inspire Kindness.”

This day teaches people how important it is to be kind to someone. And it helps people to be kind without any biases. They must be kind towards another gender, class, religion, or those from different economic backgrounds. And there is no need to completely change ourselves to be kind. As one can start from small initiatives. And slowly and gradually he or she will automatically become kind.


World Kindness Movement is the movement through which this day came. Earlier, in 1997 it was not an organization or NGO. It was just a Tokyo based convention. But in 2019, it became an official NGO under Swiss law. Not only this but many organizations are there which are promoting kindness. Australia and Thailand are one of the countries that working towards this day. The motivation behind this day was to feature acceptable deeds in the network by zeroing in on the positive force and the repeating theme that ties the whole gang. After the development of this day, different occasions related to it have increased worldwide acknowledgment by earning consideration from various associations. Different exercises, for example, shows, fun exercises, assignments, and dance crowds happen on World Kindness Day 2020.


Kindness is not something that will make someone feel burden with the work. It is something that is done through small acts also. People can just help someone in their daily life, and that will be a kindness too. Helping doesn’t mean helping someone outside only. You can do this by helping your parents, friends, siblings, or anyone. It is a way through which internal happiness is gained. And stress and anxiety get down as no other activity can reduce it. Helping is just one way to show kindness. Other works can be cleaning surroundings, watering plants, not contributing to increasing pollution, and many more.