World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day 2022: Know the history, significance and theme

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Consumer rights relate to everyone’s right to know about the quality, purity, price, and standard of various things, goods, and services worldwide. Every year, however, a global event named World Consumer Rights Day is organised to increase consumer rights awareness.

It is an annual event that brings together the global consumer movement to celebrate and offer support. Participants honour the day by pledging support for all consumers’ fundamental rights, requesting that those rights be acknowledged and protected, and condemning market abuses and social injustices that undermine those rights.


World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by US President John F. Kennedy’s March 15, 1962, address to the US Congress on consumer rights. He was the world’s first leader to do so. Since 1983, the day has been designated as World Consumer Rights Day.


This day is about recognising and enforcing customers’ rights. As consumers, we must all perform actions that are helpful to us on purpose.


This year’s worldwide subject was chosen by the Membership of Consumers International – 200 consumer organisations from 100 countries – as “Fair Digital Finance.” The number of digital banking customers is predicted to hit 3.6 billion by 2024.