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World Change: The controversial law applied to burqa bans in Denmark.

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Copenhagen, In Denmark, the wearing of all the clothes covering faces, including masks and burqa, has been banned. mouth war is also seen in the country in support and opposition to this stance. Marcus Knuth of the ruling liberal party Ventre said that the clothes worn by some orthodox women are very oppressive. At the same time, Shasha Anderson, of the ‘Party Rebels’ activist group, is planning to perform in the evening against this move.

He called it a biased step against the minority community. The group supporting the ban is also planning a rally. Danish lawmakers had approved this law in May. In 2016, Denmark created another law in which new refugees have to hand over precious things like jewelery and gold, so that they can help in paying the expenses incurred during the stay in the country.

Similar restrictions are imposed in other European countries and they claim that this law has not been made about any particular religion. This is the reason why they have not banned headscarf, turban or traditional Jewish hat. In Denmark it is known as the Burqa Ban, which most people see as a bar on the mask and burqa. In Denmark, some Muslim women wear full face cover.