Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth: Deadly elephants were extinct thousands of years ago, the earth trembled due to walking, now those elephants will be reborn.

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Science is progressing very fast, and scientists are constantly trying to make such animals reborn on earth. For thousands of years, a species of the elephant was found on our planet, which was very vast and scary. The teeth of this hand were very long, and its name was ‘Woolly Mammoth’. Now scientists have said that in the next 6 years, their effort is to bring the elephants of this species back to the earth. If this happens, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Woolly mammoth, this species of elephant is extinct

About two years ago, renowned businessman Ben Lam met Harvard University geneticist George Church. The two met in a laboratory in Boston. Where both of them together decided that they would bring the extinct species of elephants back to earth. Businessman Ben Lam was ready to invest a lot of money in the project, and then with the help of science, this revolutionary project was started. Scientists working on this fantastic project have said that their revolutionary project can succeed in the next 6 years.

Elephants will return to the forests of the Arctic

The startup on which the scientists are working is nothing less than madness. Especially the one who hears about this project, he calls it a crazy project. However, the startup aims to genetically engineer endangered Asian elephants to create a new type of animal similar to the extinct woolly mammoth capable of withstanding arctic temperatures. According to the report, businessman Ben Lam has said to give 11 million pounds for this project. Businessman Lam and scientist George Church’s startup name is Colossal. Let us tell you that Scientist Dorge is considered to be an expert in gene editing. The project was announced on Monday, and if all goes well, the dream of bringing extinct animals back to earth in the next 10 years can come true.

Project going on for many years
Let us tell you that by editing the genes of the remains of extinct animals, scientists started working on making new animals like those animals many years ago. But, people were not getting to invest money in such projects. This project is costly, so it was not possible to go ahead with this project till now. Scientist Church told CNBC that, “We had about a million dollars in the last 15 years, which is less than any other project in my lab. But this project is my favorite. But the work was due to a lack of funds. It was not happening. But now the money has been arranged.

How to make woolly mammoth elephants?

This story of the reincarnation of elephants is like an entirely fictional story for the people. Scientists have said that they will create embryos in the lab from mammoth DNA and then create an elephant-mammoth hybrid. Elephants found in Asia will also be used in this, and a new breed of elephants will be prepared through genetic engineering. According to the report of CNBC, scientists want to create an elephant that can survive in the severe winter of the Arctic. Scientist Church said that his goal is to create an elephant that can survive the extreme cold of the Arctic and increase its population there. The scientist said that this elephant will be entirely like a mammoth and will behave like that.

It Will takes about 6 years
Church told CNBC that it could take at least six years for the colossal to produce a calf. And the timing that we have decided is very aggressive. He admitted that “When people used to ask me this question, I used to say, I don’t know. We don’t have any funding.
‘ But now I can’t avoid it. I would say it won’t take more than 6 years. “Our goal is to create inter-breeding herds of mammoths that can increase their population through breeding and benefit from reintroduction in the Arctic,” he said. Proponents of the project say that recreating the Arctic with woolly mammoths could slow global warming by slowing permafrost melting, where methane gas is currently believed to be released.