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Women of the Hong Kong crew are raising voices against harassment in planes.

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Women members of the Hong Kong crew are getting asserted during the Metoo movement for complaints of sexual harassment in the aircraft. Hong Kong women crew members told that they not only torture passengers of the aircraft, but also the employees of the airline also harass them.

He said that the airlines have taken some steps in the right direction, but they are still in the process of taking important steps in the metro phase. Wenas Fung, who led the Hong Kong cabin attendant union, said that the airlines must tell about how their employees have to deal with harassment. Fung says that due to his tragic experiences, he has joined the union.

Fung said that a pilot had touched him in an abusive manner when he was new to this job. They say that at the time of the incident the cabin manager threatened to complain of wearing a tight skirt instead of interfering in the matter. After this he stopped wearing skirts.

He currently works in a European airline. The demand for change of this situation is increasing in the whole world. Even the demand for adding option to women crew members in make-up and clothing has increased.