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Women consider sex worse than men.

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Women are very choosy about everything, even if it is not sex, but will you believe that women hate Risky sex? Probably not, but Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society published a study, which surveyed about 2,500 men and about 66% of the women, and they were asked questions about how disgusting they were about certain things and conditions of sex.

72 participants were given scholarships to the participants and they were asked to give their rating according to their liking. 6 categories included wounds, sex, animals, food and appearance, while in situations there were some questions. As if you knew that your partner was paid for sex, your partner did not have cleanliness in Zenitals, recently got your partner for the first time and sex with him etc.

It is generally believed that sex brings two people very close. There is also a different concept among people about sex. As many people are unhappy or happy, then they are sex or it is also circumstantial too many times, but there are some situations in which you should avoid having sex.

According to the results that came out in this study, women felt more disgusted than men. Studies show that among the most significant difference between women and men, deferred sex situations were found.

According to researchers, the development of humans has happened in such a way that whatever they feel threatened, whether it is bad food, open wounds, or sexual hygiene, their behavior suddenly changes and sometimes they feel embarrassed Seem to be doing.

Women feel more disgusted in such situations because they want to avoid situations that threaten them or cause harm.