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These are women who break the silence on sexual abuse.

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New Delhi: Famous Time Magazine selected ‘The Silence Breakers’ Person of the Year on Wednesday. Silence breakers are none other than the people of different industries who break the silence on sexual abuse and assault. US President Donald Trump second in this list Apart from them, this list includes Chinese President Xi Chunfing and North Korean leader Kim Jong. Let us tell you that America’s News Magazine announces annual editions by the name of Person of the Year at the end of the year. This edition involves those people, groups or ideas that affect the society in some way good or bad in that year.

Nonetheless, ‘The Silence Breakers’ includes a lot of people. Especially the women who used this year’s hashtag #MeToo to acclaim Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for allegations of sexually exploiting him for the first time in the world. After this, people from all over the world mentioned the events of sexual abuse with the name #MeToo. Here we are telling you about some such women.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence also remembered the days of her struggle in the film industry.

Swara Bhaskar said, “I was asked to go to the director’s room in the hotel to discuss a scene and I went there and saw him drunk. In the first week, she started talking about love and sex and … ‘

According to Radhika Apte, “Not only women, men also have to face sexual abuse. I am talking about the film industry in particular, I know many men who have been victims of it.