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woman did not get justice on sexual harassment case. did Suicide.


A 19-year-old girl Suicide and her live broadcast in China have started a fresh debate over the behavior of women in the country. The victim had committed suicide by not feeling justice in the case of sexually exploiting the teacher. According to the news, people had also provoked the girl to jump from the building. The girl had jumped from the eighth floor of a departmental chain of Jingyuan County in North-West Gansu province in the last week of June and gave her life.

Police said that the girl had earlier tried to commit suicide. The sad fact is that when the young woman was on the eighth floor to commemorate suicide, people were provoking her as a ‘quick jump’. The girl had filed a complaint before the prosecutor in September 2016 that the high school teacher kissed her forcily and tried to take off her clothes. But both the prosecutor and senior prosecutor rejected the complaint of sexual harassment.

In a fight that lasted nearly two years, the young woman was co-ordinated by her father only. The school, the school management, the other teachers, the other classmates and the government did not help the father-daughter. In China there is no clear law regarding sexual harassment of women at schools and workplaces. Because of this, there is a problem in providing legal aid to women. The suicide of the young woman has also raised questions on China’s devastation.

The girl’s father told that after several attempts of suicide, her daughter had gone in the depression. The school promised compensation of Rs 35 lakh to the victim, but in lieu of the condition of withdrawal of the case in lieu of it. This trend is not new to China’s early disposal of cases. But the family of the victim refused to do this by defaming him.

The girl’s suicide has started a new debate over sexual harassment in the universities of the country. However, due to censorship, the #MeToo movement in China was very faded. There is resentment in the sexual assault of the girl and her failure to get justice, which she is exposing on social media site Weibo.