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Without the name of India, China said, against the external interference in the Maldives.

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China has responded to the ongoing political crisis in the Maldives. China said on Wednesday that it is against any external interference with the Maldives crisis. It is believed that China has given this statement keeping India in view. Because the leader of the opposition of the Maldives had asked India to intervene in this matter to maintain democracy in its country.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said without naming India in his statement, “In view of the sovereignty of the Maldives, the international community should not take any constructive steps in this matter. By doing so, the situation of the Maldives can worsen. ‘ The leader of the Opposition of the Maldives to sign a Free Trade Agreement with China was opposed. In order to maintain its interest in the Indian Ocean, China has invested a lot in the Maldives, which India is worried about.

Former Maldivian President and Leader of the Opposition Mohammed Nasheed tweeted, “India should liberate the leaders and the leaders of the opposition who were arrested by President Abdullah Yameen during military intervention.” Let me tell you that during the political crisis, Yemen had arrested former President Abdul Gayoom and the Supreme Court judges, after which this political crisis began.

China’s Foreign Ministry said that any country should allow its problems without solving external intervention. A spokesperson of the ministry said, “I have clearly said my talk. We hope that related parties in the Maldives can solve their problems through discussion. We hope they are able to overcome their problems. ”

Opposition parties in the Maldives say that President Yameen is taking such steps because of China’s support He has signed a free trade agreement with China and approved several Chinese projects in the country. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “China has friendly relations with Maldives. This includes FTA, which has the interest of the two countries connected. The fact is that after the FTA sign, the people of both countries are benefiting from it. The present situation of the Maldives is its internal matter. China adheres to the principle of not externally interfering in the internal affairs of others. ‘