Winter: Do not mistake applying the wrong cream in winter, choose the suitable cream according to your skin

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The Winter season brings many problems for the skin. In this season, everyone’s skin starts getting dry. To avoid this, most people apply cold cream. Many people do not know their skin type, and they use any cream and later do not understand what is causing acne, dryness, irritation, and other problems on the skin.

Let us tell you how to choose the suitable cream according to your skin tone –

  1. Dry skin – For those who have dry skin, there is a lack of oil in their skin, due to which even after applying the cream on the skin, it becomes dry very quickly. Dry skin cracks very quickly, even in cold weather. For this type of skin, you need to choose a cream that contains hydrating properties.
  2. Oily skin – This type of skin leaves oily on the face, due to which the face of people with this skin becomes sticky. Oily skin is more prone to dust, soil, pimples, so you should choose a cream-like gel, serum, and a cream that has minimal hydrating properties.
  3. Sensitive skin – People with this skin type may suffer from itching in the winter season, and you have to be very careful in choosing the cream for yourself as most of the creams on this skin can be allergic to it. You should choose a cream with antioxidants and without fragrance.