Windows 11

Windows 11 release date: Microsoft may have given a big hint about the release of Windows 11


Microsoft Windows 11 will be one of the biggest updates to the company’s popular Windows operating system, with many new features and performance improvements. hood. Older applications have received updates and new looks to match the dazzling avatar of Windows 11. Users are also happy with the new system elements. While others are just waiting for the support of the Android application. The company simply refused to provide the Windows 11 release date when the public can start downloading the operating system.

Microsoft had previously hinted at the release date of Windows 11. The launch of the operating system in June told all users that it might arrive during the holidays. The release notes later appeared unexpectedly in the Intel driver documentation.

Now, the Windows Latest report shows that Microsoft itself has set a timetable for the next version of Windows. The report pointed out that the “Windows 11 Version 21H2 Hardware Driver Introduction” document released by Microsoft on June 24 indicates that the new operating system may be launched between October 2021 and November 2021.

Microsoft uses this document to inform OEMs of the latest delivery date of their drivers so that the operating system can meet the scheduled release date in September. The company stated: “Partners seeking compatibility with the system included with the Version 21H2 Release can install drivers for components compatible with Windows 10 Version 2004 at the factory until September 24, 2021”. With all these assumptions, Readers should be sceptical. Microsoft’s plans to release Windows 11 will always change due to technical or other reasons. Similarly, Microsoft has never mentioned October 2021, and mentioning the holiday may also be related to the Christmas holiday. However, from the previous leaks and previous reports, Microsoft seems to have made a major discovery.