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William Shakespeare and Maggie’s name associated with corona vaccine. Why?

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People who have been troubled by coronavirus for a long time now see a ray of hope. Pfizer has started introducing its vaccine to people in the UK. One such interesting case came up in Britain where William Shakespeare and Maggie’s name is being linked to the Corona vaccine. You must be wondering how this is possible because many years have passed since they say goodbye to this world and what does Maggie also have to do with the vaccine. So let’s not spend too much time telling you what the whole thing is.

In fact, the two people who first got the Corona vaccine in Britain are William Shakespeare and Maggie Keenan. People are stunned to know about this strange combination and this is the hot topic of discussion on social media at this time.

William was given the vaccine after 90-year-old Maggie Keenan, the world’s first person to receive the vaccine. When his pictures and names were shared on social media, people started remembering the great writer. Many famous statements about his stories, stories and illness were also remembered. 81-year-old William Shakespeare was vaccinated at University Hospital Coventry. Which is just a few miles from Stratford-upon-Avon. Where William Shakespeare, the famous playwright, was also born in 1564. Reactions on social media have begun after Shakespeare and Maggie were given the vaccine. Many people also said that anything can happen in the year 2020.

How is Maggie’s name associated with the vaccine?
At the same time, Maggie Keenan has become the first person in the world who has been given this vaccine from Corona. Maggie is happy with the vaccine. She told people that if she can take the vaccine at the age of 90, then anyone can take it. She first declared himself lucky on getting the vaccine.