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Will North Korea abandon nuclear weapons? What does it mean to agree to negotiate with America.

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Seoul, There is hope of a decrease in the increased stress in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has agreed to negotiate with the US. South Korea says that Pyeongyang has said that if he gets a guarantee of security, then he is ready to leave his nuclear weapons. This development is very important in itself, but there are still many questions to be answered.

Actually, there have been many attempts in the past, but once North Korea, the American attitude of change continued to create constraints and till now the tension could not be reduced. The question is, what will be all right at this time? It is being told that Kim Jong-his father and grandfather wanted to free the country from nuclear weapons? There is a possibility that Kim agreed to destroy the nuclear weapons to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish.

The point is to note that the efforts of decades of Western countries to curb Pyeongyang’s nuclear weapons have failed so far. In 1994, there was an agreement that in return for abandoning nuclear weapons, North Korea would be given a civil nuclear reactor and other help. Although this attempt proved unsuccessful when the United States alleged that North Korea is secretly launching its weapon program. The result was that help was delayed and Pyeongyang got annoyed.