Why should we go for online learning? Top 9 reasons or benefits of Online learning. and the best online platforms…

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Just about every college student knows the struggles of having an incompetent professor that leaves you no choice but to turn to the internet and hope some website out there has explained the material well enough to help you pass your classes. Online learning platforms in India and all over the world have helped students countless times in multiple ways. The benefits of online learning are plenty and we hope to touch on a few in this article and advocate this method of learning to any students reading this. We have also touched on the subject of online learning in the context of acquiring degrees online/ post-graduation courses that you can take in order to further your career. 

1. A larger number of courses to choose from:

If you harbor any doubts regarding the number of courses that you can receive college credits for then rest assured that they are many. Whether it be English, literature or even biology lab work; you can find all these courses and more online. One of the benefits of online learning is that you get to study at a pace that is comfortable for you and therefore does not have to feel burdened with the work. 

2. Cost-effective:

Studying online has shown to be a more affordable option than attending traditional college courses. Not every online learning course is the same way however most of them come at a way lesser price than their collegiate counterparts. Online learning platforms in India especially enable a lot of children and teens that find it difficult to access traditional schools and college to learn the courses they require and want to know more about at reasonable rates 

3. Multiple ways of contacting your professor:

Anyone who’s ever been to traditional college can understand the struggles of trying to meet your professor outside of class hours. Either he’s busy, you have classes when he’s free or something comes up at the last minute and manages to derail the plans you have made. The advantages of online learning being that you can video call, e-mail or have live chats with him/her thereby giving you a greater number of opportunities to receive helpful feedback and suggestions to improve your work. 

4. You can create your own learning environment; one that’s right for you:

One of the advantages of being part of an online class is able being to learn whenever and wherever as you long as you have a working Wi-Fi connection and a device that can access it. Being in a virtual classroom also equals no distractions at all. If you’re a shy student then you don’t have to worry about interacting with other people save your professors. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone that’s constantly on the move as well because you don’t have to be physically present in the class. 

5. Flexible schedules:

One of the biggest benefits of online learning is being able to 

attain a degree while still working a job. If in case your job is one that causes you to work odd hours then you do not have to worry about losing sleep or finding transportation at those times. This makes a huge difference to those who have to juggle multiple jobs to earn a decent income. 

6. An eco-friendly alternative:

The biggest difference is saving paper; another major difference is cutting down on the fuel you would usually burn to get to school or college. 

7. Advance your career:

In the modern world of severely over-qualified professionals, it doesn’t hurt to polish up your CV a little bit every now and then. You can earn your degree in between jobs or while taking some time off to start your family. The degree will help explain away any gaps in your resume. Earning a degree while still working also shows your employers that you are hardworking and driven and ready to face any new challenges that will come your way. Always a quality that potential employers look for. 

8. Being able to review course materials at any time:

In case you want to do some last-minute cramming for an upcoming test then you can find helpful and important materials including but not limited to videos, podcasts, notes, etc. online. This will help you make shorthand notes for your own reference. 

9. Being able to learn at your own pace:

Traditional colleges move forward with the syllabus quite quickly as they have a timetable to stick to and have to complete the course material within the given timeframe. The downside to this is that no everyone will be able to comprehend the subject matter fully in that limited time. On the other hand; another benefit of online learning is being able to move forward at your own pace. You can listen to the lecture or go through the slide and course materials countless times before you’re ready to give an assessment based on it and move on to the next course. There are numerous online learning platforms in India that have assisted students, both in school and college, in understanding their course material better; some of these include:

a. Udemy: On this website, classes are taught by individuals from all over the world. This website covers a wide range of subjects under a variety of fields. Definitely one worth trying out. 

b. Coursera: Select a subject on this website; cover the syllabus and once you’re done give the required exam. If you’ve scored the requisite amount of marks; you get a certificate from said university. It is a very interactive platform and manages to make learning fun and easy.

c. TopScorer: Provides supplementary material for students ranging from the first to the tenth grade.

d. Claroline: Teachers upload various assignments, extra questions and other 

additional learning materials to help their students prepare. Revise on a daily basis in order to excel at your favorite subjects using this E-learning platform. Other platforms worth checking out include RCampus, GDC, Peer Leadership University, etc. The benefits of online learning are countless and with the advanced technology we possess today it is on par with traditional schools and colleges.