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Why Pubg is a popular game among teens and most adults too?

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“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” has become a common household phrase these days. An average of 50 million people plays pubg every day. To say that this game is popular between teens and most adults would be an understatement. Nine out of ten people these days play this game, most of them being teens. This game has an outstanding reach on Google play store with a whopping 100 million downloads. On a survey conducted, half of the respondents say, they play pubg because it’s simply better than the other games. The reason why many Indians play this game is because “everybody’s talking about it!”.

Pubg has also caused numerous amounts of deaths around the world. According to the report by The India Today, a 16-year-old student from Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh died due to his inveterate playing of the said game. He dies due to a cardiac arrest that occurred whilst he was still playing the game. He had played the game for six hours straight which led to his demise. The deaths don’t end here. An adult who was roughly 25 years old died whilst playing the same game due to intracerebral hemorrhaging because he was too excited during the game. The death toll of teenagers dying due to pubg rose to 686 after 34 new fatalities were reported in one day.

What prompts these users to play this game for hours together? What is so special about this game? According to reports, people use this game as their stress buster, and to chill after a long day of work. Apparently, this game has a truckload of cool features that enables the players to connect with each other. This is the reason most players prefer this game so that they can spend more time with their friends and also relieve their stress. So, it’s basically like killing two birds with one stone.

Pubg is not absolutely free. It does have premium accounts for those who pay for it. Most recently an incident took place where a 17-year-old boy from Punjab spent 16 lakhs from his parents’ account to buy artillery, passes, and in-game cosmetics. They lure hardcore gamers like these boys into spending their money on in-app purchases. This is where most players go overboard and spend money on intangible things.

It’s all fun and games until this turns into a dangerous addiction. This is like a double-edged sword. It has the power to both kill you and relieve you. It’s a very fine line between playing in your leisure time and this becoming your doom. Too much of any activity can turn out to be dangerous. There is nothing wrong with playing the game. But the player has to learn to limit himself and balance his real life as well because playing this game can be very time consuming and you’ll never know how much time flies when you’re out there killing your enemies in the arena and also having fun with your game friends (That being the main thing!).

People often fail to see the tremendous effects this game has, on their lives. They strain themselves physically and emotionally by immersing themselves in this game. They often forget the human connection and focus entirely on their online friends, detaching themselves from their reality and loved ones. This doesn’t just affect the individual, but also the close circle of the individual, leading to the breakdown of the individual’s personal life because of his/her irresponsibility. As far as physical straining goes, the users often stay in the same place for a long time with little to no physical activity. The lack of physical activities leads to adverse health issues which then turns out to be fatal in the longer run.

Not only do teenagers play this game. Nowadays, kids as old as nine and ten years have also taken to playing it. This is probably due to the influence of the elders in the family who play it because kids don’t usually act on their own. They only try to imitate what the elders do. Generally, brain growth in human beings occurs at this stage. But due to the influence of games like these, the growth spurt either slows down or stops which has a prolonged effect. Also, these kids are usually vulnerable at this stage and are prone to the influence of strangers as well. A small kid won’t be intelligent enough to differentiate between good and bad people. A lot of child abuse takes place on platforms like these, leading to inappropriate conversations and actions.

In conclusion, let’s establish the fact that games like pubg are necessary so that people can relax and lead a stress-free life. But they must also be cautious of their reality and try not to lose themselves in a mundane game.