Why over apologizing is bad and what you shouldn’t be sorry for.

Why over apologizing is bad and what you shouldn’t be sorry for.

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As soon as we begin to utter words, we’re taught to say please, thank you and how can I forget – sorry. From a very young age, we’re taught how to apologize when we do something wrong. I mean it’s great like when you flout the rules of etiquette and be rude or unpunctual, you’re bound to say sorry. What isn’t right is over apologizing, that is, saying sorry for almost everything, even when it’s not your fault. You should be confident and not apologize when you’re right. I get it, there are times when you don’t know if you should say sorry for how you’re feeling or not. So this article is for you, I’m going to tell you things you should never apologize for.

• Standing up for things you believe in

Never apologize for sticking up to your views. If you firmly believe in something, hold on to it. No matter how many people tell you that your views and wrong, never apologize for standing up for it. If you feel it’s right, if you believe in it, do not say sorry.

• Crying or being emotional

Crying is natural. Feeling bad is normal. Some things hurt us and we may get emotional. But that’s completely alright. You shouldn’t be sorry about your emotions. Emotions are to express, not to feel sorry for.

• When someone’s unrealistic expectations of you aren’t met

Since childhood, we’re taught “sorry bolne se insaan chota nahi hota.” I never had the guts to ask back why say sorry when you don’t mean it?
Don’t apologize if you didn’t meet someone’s unrealistic expectations. They should be the ones apologizing for pressuring you.

• Taking time for yourself

Every human needs some alone time for himself. That’s not something you should be sorry for. You need your time and space and people should respect that.

• Politely disagreeing with someone

Like I said before, never apologize for something you believe in. If you disagree with someone, just be polite. Don’t say sorry for it. You can have your own views and that person can have his.

For all those who apologize for things they’re not sorry for, don’t do it. It encourages the opposite person to keep doing that to you. It’s high time you start taking a stand and stop over-apologizing.