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Why is Trump so angry from NATO member countries?

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Brussels, US President Donald Trump has accused Germany of being “hostile to Russia” before the NATO conference going to be held in Brussels. Trump has said that Germany has dealt with the pipeline deal with Russia, which is collecting millions of dollars in the Russian treasury and the United States is in defense of Germany. Even before the summit, Trump had hit other NATO colleagues for not supporting their defense spending. This time, Trump has asked member countries to double the expenditure from 2% of the GDP. The question is: Those countries, who are unable to spend 2 per cent of the expenditure, will be able to pay 4 per cent.

What is NATO?
There are 29 members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This organization was formed in 1949 to prevent the Soviet Union in any way. It is headquartered in Brussels (Belgium). Even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it was not eliminated but its role was changed. Now the organization works for terrorism, maintaining stability in neighboring countries, cyber security etc.

How is NATO funding?
All NATO members have to pay 2 percent of their GDP for defense sector. However, there is no provision for any kind of penalties or penalties for those who do not pay much money.

What is the situation now?
The US currently gives 22 percent of NATO’s total expenditure. In the year 2017, the US spent $ 2 billion ($ 137 billion) for NATO.

What is the trump’s problem?
However, all members funding for NATO, but only 8 of 29 members are those who have fulfilled the target of 2% of GDP. Trump feels that these countries are not spending enough on their defense sector and are reliant on the US at large level to avoid the crisis. Not only that, Trump has tweeted on Tuesday connecting it with the business, “The European Union has made it impossible for our workers, employees and companies to trade in Europe (America’s trade losses from Europe is $ 151 billion) and After that, they want us to be happy, through NATO’s happiness, and protect them with complacency. It will not work anymore. ‘

Why attacked on Germany?
Trump says that Europe’s largest economy spends only 1.24 percent of GDP in the defense sector, which is much lower than the norm for NATO partners, while the US GDP spends 3.5 percent.