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Why is the success depend on Jinping, Trump-Kim Meeting ?

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US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-he is going to meet to reach an agreement next month to avoid a nuclear war, but the success of this meeting depends not on the two leaders but on anyone else. This is China’s President Xi Jinping.

According to the report of ‘Bloomberg’, Kim agreed to negotiate with the US only after implementing the UN sanctions on behalf of China’s largest trade partner, China, while North Korea also left America’s threats. Now when trump and Kim are going to get, then in such a way Xi Jinping can support any deal that is good for China and can affect any deal against China’s interests.

China has already been taking advantage of this strength on business-related discussions. Last week, when North Korea threatened to cancel the talks, Trump said, “Maybe Xi Jinping is provoking Kim to adopt a tough stance against America.” The United States and China announced a ban on Saturday’s trade warfare, which opened the way to focus on North Korea.

Trump said on Monday, “China should be firmly on the North Korean border until the agreement is reached.”

China is the most threat if war
China is battling extremely difficult conditions to maintain balance. China has consistently appealed for talks between US and North Korea to avoid continuous war. Actually, if there is a war or there is a change in North Korean power, then the Chinese economy can be ruined and there can be a refugee crisis in the country. Not only this, the deployment of American soldiers around the border of China is also possible.

US-North Korea does not want to come close to China
On the other hand, China also does not want North Korea to close to the US and South Korea because in such a situation, its security will be threatened. In view of the historic convention going between Trump-Kim, Xi Jinping has himself taken part in this dialogue. Prior to the meeting, North Korean leader Xi Jinping has gone on a two-way visit to China in recent months, on the other hand, Trump has also talked to Xi Jinping on the phone.

Senior Fellow Yu Li of Thinking Tank Pengol Institution of Beijing said, “If the US and South Korea also try to reduce China’s influence in the process of compromise, even recent two visits of Kim have proved that China and its support are extremely important. Even though China is not present in the meeting in Singapore, he will play the role of maintaining stability in the region.

According to the data of 2015, China supplies 85 percent of North Korea’s total imports of $ 3.47 billion. This means that during the meeting, it is difficult for North Korea to give any kind of economic greed as part of the deal.

China has already given Kim the assurance that he will help in getting rid of sanctions imposed on North Korea. When Kim went to China on his first foreign visit in March, then Xi told him that China has taken a strategic decision that friendship with North Korea will always be maintained and it will not change in any situation.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio said in an interview, “China can play a guarantor for North Korea to leave nuclear weapons. America is not in a position to harm them. On the other hand, China may also become a guarantor for the United States if North Korea can implement that agreement if there is any kind of agreement. ‘