Why capsicums are so healthy? Here are 6 great benefits of eating capsicum

Why capsicums are so healthy? Here are 6 great benefits of eating capsicum

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Capsicum contains a nutritional profile that promotes healthy eating. Capsicums are rich not only in vitamins and minerals but also in fiber.
Capsicum has great water content too. Capsicums have high amounts of vitamin B6 that boosts metabolism. If you’re looking forward to dramatically reduce your sugar intake, capsicum is the best snack for it. Also, capsicums are delicious and really versatile, so you can add it to your salad, pizza, or just stuff it with veggies and cheese. Here are 6 benefits of eating capsicum that’ll help you stay fit in the long run.

• Boosts immunity

Capsicum is very high in Vitamin C. In fact, red capsicum or popularly known as bell pepper has the highest vitamin C content among most of
the fruit and vegetables. Foods high in vitamin C are beneficial for the immune system. Vitamin C in capsicum can protect the body against infection by encouraging the production of white blood cells.

• Improves bone health

Capsicum is rich in manganese, a mineral that is a cofactor in the formation of bone cartilage and bone collagen and is essential for bone mineralization. Vitamin K in capsicum also plays an important role in strengthening bones.

• Prevents anemia

For all those who don’t know, anemia is a condition that usually results because of low iron in the body. A characteristic of the condition is that it reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. As a result, most people with anemia, feel super lazy and tired without a clear reason. Capsicum is very high in vitamin C and is moderately high in iron. The combination of these two vitamins and minerals allows the iron to absorb more effectively.

• Improves eye health

Capsicum is incredibly beneficial for vision health. The reason is that capsicums are high in lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that can protect your retina from oxidative damage. Research suggests that consuming foods that contain high amounts of carotenoids can protect your eyes from macular degeneration.

• Prevents cancer

Capsicum contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to prevent certain types of cancers. In fact, orange capsicum has been found to cut the prostate cancer growth rate by 75%.

• Reduces anxiety

Capsicum is high in both magnesium and vitamin B6. These two vitamins are essential for nerve function and help relieve anxiety and prevent panic attacks. Magnesium can also help with tense muscles that result from anxiety. It also helps with proper heartbeat regulation. And so capsicum helps to reduce anxiety.