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White House Chief of Staff Kelly, did not say trump to the fool.

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Washington, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly today dismissed the news report in which he claimed that US President Donald Trump was called a fool. NBS News claimed in its report, quoting many unknown sources of White House, that Kyle used the word ‘fool’ for Donald Trump on many occasions. Retired General John Kelly has dismissed these allegations immediately.

Kelly said that ‘I spent more time with the President than others and there is a clear and strong relationship between us. The President knows what I am and both of us know that this is a silly talk. Chief of Staff Kelly said that I am committed to the President, his agenda and our country.

In a statement, Kelly described it as an exercise to deflect the image of the people near the President and to focus on the success of the Trump Administration. Earlier, US President Trump had also dismissed the news on Twitter. Trump had told such news to be a fake.

President Trump wrote in a tweet, “False news is spreading fast and they are also referred to by anonymous sources … (who have no existence). It is totally useless and the immense success of the administration is making them compulsorily to do it and speak … they do not even know what they are saying. Very bad people. ‘ He wrote that despite all this White House is working smoothly.