WhatsApp to soon allow users to share voice notes as status updates 


To enhance the user experience, WhatsApp is developing a number of new features. You may soon be able to share your voice note as a status update using the messaging app. Users of WhatsApp can only post images and videos as status updates at this time. On the iOS beta version of the app, WhatsApp was seen testing the feature.

Wabetainfo reports that WhatsApp is developing the capability to attach a voice memo to a status update. The feature is still being tested in WhatsApp’s iOS beta as well as the Android beta, where it is still under development. According to the article, users will be able to add voice notes up to 30 seconds long to text-based status updates. The microphone icon will appear below the text entry area. You can tap on it.

According to WhatsApp beta, voice status updates are always end-to-end encrypted and are only shared with the individuals you specify in your privacy settings. According to reports, “It will be possible to post a voice note up to 30 seconds to your status updates right with text status: as happens with a WhatsApp chat, the microphone icon will show up when you don’t enter any text within this section otherwise, it means you’re going to a text via a status update as usual. Note that your voice status updates will only be shared with the people you choose within your privacy settings and they are always end-to-end encrypted.”


The feature is still being developed and hasn’t been made available to a wider public. It won’t be accessible until a subsequent upgrade.

In a similar development, WhatsApp is aiming to make the Calls Tab available in the desktop app. In other words, customers will be able to make calls right from the desktop software going forward. The calls tab will display users’ call histories on the desktop application and all pertinent call-related data from the calling card. The feature, though still in development, is accessible in beta releases. No information has been released regarding the launch of WhatsApp for non-beta users.