WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: This is an easy way to change WhatsApp number without losing data

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Want to change the old mobile number in WhatsApp account and that too without losing data, then know how your work will be made. This is the way.

Most people around the world use Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp. As we all know that WhatsApp account is linked to the mobile number and in such a situation there are times when the old number has to be changed.

When such a situation comes when the number has to be changed, the first thing that comes in mind is what will happen to the account created with the old mobile number, whether it will remain active or not. Do you also want that the new number is updated in the WhatsApp account you are running made from the old mobile number and that too without losing data, then this news is especially for you.

There is a working feature within the WhatsApp app, through which you will be able to replace the old mobile number with the new number with the help of a few easy steps. You can update the mobile number by following the easy steps mentioned below.
1. Insert the new mobile number’s SIM card in SnaartPhone, which is running a WhatsApp account from the old number.
2. After this open the WhatsApp app.
3. After opening the app, you will see a three dot menu on the right, tap on it, here you will find the settings option.

4. Click on Account Options in Settings.
5. After tapping on the account, click on the change number.
6. As soon as you tap on the change number, you will have to enter the old number and then the new mobile number.
7. If you enable notification contacts, then you will get three options in front, all contacts, contacts with whom you have chat or custom.

Note: After following these, the WhatsApp account should be changed to a new number. Please tell that through this you can change your number without losing data.