WhatsApp launches its native Mac app in public beta


Now that WhatsApp has released the native macOS client in public beta, Mac users can use the messaging service. Users of WhatsApp require a Mac running macOS 11 Big Sur or a subsequent version and an Apple-branded processor. You will be able to test the new app if you own an Intel-based Mac that supports apps created using Mac Catalyst, Apple’s cross-platform development framework.

According to a report from WaBetaInfo, the software was initially introduced in July of last year, but it was only available to a select group of users. As a result, not many Mac users could test out the messaging app. You may download the new macOS version from WhatsApp’s official website.

Up until recently, the web version of WhatsApp was the only choice available to Mac users. Although this provided consumers with relief, their experience wasn’t ideal. The online version doesn’t have all the capabilities included in the messaging app’s stable version, and there are some speed concerns.

The user interface has been updated to the latest version. A few updates have been made to WhatsApp for macOS. There is a sidebar for the specific app, and you may drag and drop files from your smartphone into chats. Users are urged to use the new macOS software at their own risk because it is still in the experimental stage, which is vital to note. The experience won’t be as seamless as it is with other WhatsApp versions because the beta version is probably going to have some bugs.


Additionally, WhatsApp is developing a number of new features, and one of the major changes is anticipated soon. You will soon be able to share photographs on the platform in their original quality. Right now, the messaging software shrinks the size of the media files you send to your friends and family.

High-resolution photographs will use up your mobile data much more quickly, thus the platform preserves your data in this way. The second reason is that when posting lower-quality photographs, the content spreads quickly. The messaging service is developing a text message View Once functionality.

You can already share View Once messages or images with the company. It will soon allow you to send View Once text messages. When we use WhatsApp to share passwords with others, this capability may be useful. The company is reportedly working on a feature that would allow you to save communications that are about to disappear.