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What a girl actually means when she says …this isn’t rocket science, check it out


“Girls can be so complicated” “I can never be able to read a girl” “Girls are difficult!” These are some of the most common phrases used when describing ‘girls’ in general. Especially when you’re in a relationship and just had an argument or something. I’ve watched Pyaar ka Panchnama too, Rajat/Anshul’s (both played by our favorite Kartik Aaryan) speech has enlightened me. Come on, girls are not that difficult to understand, you just have to be patient and listen to what she has to say.

First I’m going to clarify a few doubts in general. Sometimes girls can confuse you, they say something but they don’t mean it, it’s because they want you to understand them. They don’t say a lot of things because they don’t want to upset you. Girls know that guys too have tough days and the world doesn’t revolve around girls and that’s why they don’t like bothering you with their rants.

Some girls who are sensitive, are so scared of losing you, they prefer apologizing than sitting and arguing which is going to do no good to anyone. All they want you to do is, be there for them. That’s it. Show them you love them and they’ll sweep you off your feet. Trust me on this. Girls are not “complicated” or “difficult”. Every girl or even a guy for that matter, have their own problems to battle, at this time all they want is for you to comfort them. So here I’m going to list down a few stuff girls say a lot when their upset and I’ll also be telling y’all what they truly mean. So basically these are just minor tips to save your time xD

So, girls use different types of ‘ok’s’ here’s the difference
• Oh ok – her heart just shattered
• Okay – everything’s good
• Okayyy – she’s either happy or excited
• Ok – something might be wrong
• K – something’s definitely wrong

• I’m just tired – tired of what’s happening
• Just leave me alone – she wants to see if you give up on her or stay back and care
• I’m sorry – she means it
• Goodnight – she is good and going off to sleep
• Gn – don’t let her sleep, she’s really upset
• I love you. – she really really loves you with all her heart
• Hmm – she’s mad
• It doesn’t mean anything I don’t care – it matters to her, a lot
• It’s fine – it’s not fine
• I’ll be okay, it’s okay – she’s hurting a lot

Although I truly believe that you should speak your mind and be straightforward rather than dropping hints or something like that, there are times when this may come handy. You never know what someone’s going through, don’t be so quick to judge, especially when it’s someone you love.