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Weight your luggage before traveling, Penalty will appear if more weight found.

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New Delhi, Just like the Aeroplane, fix weight of the goods carrying with you before traveling to the railway. If it is found to be overweight, then you may have to pay a fine up to 6 times. Importantly, the carrying limit for different categories of passenger vehicles is also different when traveling by rail. If you have more goods than the fixed limit, then it is better to pay it through on the railways window first, then you will only have to pay a normal fee.

According to a senior official of the Indian Railway, the rules of the Railways are about the number of goods which are permitted to carry freely with the passengers of the category. In 2006, the circular was also issued in this regard but it was not strictly implemented. But now there is a complaint from the passengers that some passengers carry more luggage than the fixed limit and keep them in the coach, which makes them difficult to travel. After such complaints, the Railways have now strictly implemented its old circular and these days it is also financing in such cases.

Railway officials say that it is not only that, in the rules of railways, there is also a system that by charging the booking, the goods can be taken only to a certain extent. According to the existing rules, 70 kg per passengers can carry in AC First Class, 50 kg per passenger in AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, AC Chairaker and sleeper class passenger carry 40 kilogram and second class passengers can carry up to 35 kilograms with them. If the passengers of the first class have more 15 kilograms and other categories of passenger more than 10 kilograms, then passengers can take goods by paying 1.5 times the charge, but for this, they will have to pay the fee by giving information to TTE. But if the passenger has more goods than it would have to book through parcel.

According to railway officials, for example, if the sleeper class passenger is carrying 80 kilograms of goods, it would mean that he is taking 40 kilograms of additional luggage and he has to travel 500 km, then he has to pay Rs. 109 for it. But since he has not paid this fee before and if the TTE or railway staff gets caught carrying more weight, then he will have to pay 6 times i.e. 654 rupees.