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We targeted terror, Pakistan tried to target our military base: India

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New Delhi,
After the Pulwama terror attack, the Indian Air Force entered Balakot and Pakistan tried to target India’s military base today, scared of killing 300 militants of Jaish. However, due to the prevalence of Indian soldiers, the Pakistan attack was foiled. In this action, India killed a Pakistani fighter jet.

“We had attacked Jaish’s targets in Pakistan on the basis of credible evidence,” Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar told a press conference today. We got information that Jaish wanted to attack terrorist in India. Against this, India used the Air Force. Air Vice Marshal RG Kapoor was also present at this press conference.

In his brief statement, Ravish said, “Pakistan had tried to target our military institutions. We have failed Pakistan’s efforts to kill one of its aircraft. During this one of our MIG 21 Bison is a pilot missing. Pakistan has said that the pilot is in their possession. We are investigating the facts. ‘

He said, “Indian Air Force detected the aircraft of Pakistan Air Force and immediately responded. Our troops saw the plane of Pakistan Air Force falling down from the sky in Pakistan’s land. Unfortunately, in this conflict, we also lost a MiG-21 aircraft. ‘