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We are throwing 10 million kilogram garbage every day in the oceans of the world?

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The oceans around the world are turning into dustbin and all the garbage is seriously affecting marine conditions. The International Coastal Cleanup Initiative has detected that how much waste is being thrown in the oceans around the world within 24 hours and the answer is astonishing.

Investigation has found that within 24 hours, 9.22 million kg of garbage has been collected from oceans and rivers around the world. Not only that, as many ropes, threads are thrown on beaches, 28 kilometer long towel can be made.

Straw is often thrown away after drinking juice, coconut water or other beverages, but in just 24 hours, so many straws have been gathered from the beaches, adding that they should be combined to form a straw of about 243 kilometers long. The empty bottles of empty bottles available from these edges will fill up 5 swimming pools.

Cigarettes are not just harmful to us but it is also challenging the oceans. There are about 24 lakh cigarette butt in total waste. If they are put together then it will spread to the distance of 42.195 kilometers, as the Olympic Marathon runs. Apart from this, 17 lakh food wrappers, 15 lakh plastic bottles, 15 lakh food items and plastic bags, 10 lakh 90 thousand plastic bottles lid have also been found.

Startling position
Every year about 80 lakh metric tons of plastic is going into the oceans. An activist in Bermuda had a 6-seater golf car on the beach, while in Finland there was a whole cartoon full of people. Washing machines in Brunei and full beds in Jamaica. The highest impact of sea waste is on the population of marine organisms.