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Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Amid a Pandemic.

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Sticking to a healthy routine is tough as it is and now with the COVID-19 pandemic controlling our lives, it’s tougher than usual. In times like this, we have to remind ourselves who’s in charge. It’s us. Our lifestyle is our choice. While things like the pandemic lie beyond our control, making healthy life choices still remain in our power and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it. Just like a coin, each situation has two sides. If the pandemic is stressing you out, here’s the other side, a few ways to reduce stress and induce a healthy lifestyle-

  1.  Keep Your Mind Calm-

In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we often ignore something that deserves our maximum attention, our mental health. Take this time to embrace your mental health. These times can be especially stressful and therefore, you can start by being kind to yourself. The lockdown and quarantine situations tend to make one feel lonely and isolated. But, it is imperative to remember that you are not alone. Check your emotions, talk to someone if you feel the need to. Mental health isn’t something to be ashamed of, so, reach out. Apart from that, you can also try meditation or other mindfulness activities such as reading, writing, Sudoku, etc. that helps you keep your mind engaged and relaxed.

  1. Proper Eating Habits-

It is understandable that being indoors at all times doesn’t exactly bring out the athlete in us. So, when there are limitations on activity, we can always choose to eat right in order to stay fit. A proper diet with the required minerals and vitamins would not only help you in staying fit but also help you in building your immune system. Having a balanced diet will also help you fight the lazy vibes that staying indoors often tend to cause. You can start by planning your diet in a way that it meets and not exceeds your daily calorie requirements. After that, you can focus on your vitamin and mineral intake. Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. Avoid oily, fried, or extra sweet food items. Include a cup of green tea or black coffee, whichever suits you. Try to go for items that hold their nutritional value as well as have a long shelf life because the pandemic situations are unpredictable and you might want to stock up.

  1. Hair and Skin Care-

Now that you have so much time in your hands, why not use it and get to the hair or skincare routine you always wanted to try but never got the time too! Staying indoors can work wonders for your skin and if you put in a little extra effort between your online meetings and nap time, it’ll be like a cherry on the cake. Use this lockdown period to revive your hair and skin and undo the damage caused to them. You don’t even have to leave your house for this, you can go for home remedies from easily available ingredients and give your hair and skin the care it deserves. 

  • Skincare-

You can make various scrubs and face masks by ingredients lying around in your kitchens such as lemon, turmeric, cucumber, baking soda, or honey. Each of these items has a specialty of their own such as anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties, citric acid, moisturizing properties, skin lightening, and exfoliating properties and whatnot. Apart from that, proper diet reduced stress, and a decent sleep schedule can also prove to be beneficial for your skin.

  • Haircare-

Apart from regularly oiling your hair and proper conditioning, you can also make hair masks from some kitchen ingredients which will ensure proper growth and quality of your hair. You can use yogurt, egg whites, or bananas for the hair mask. The nutritional value of these items can be wondrous for your hair. Aloe-vera and olive oil can be used as well.

  1. Developing New Hobbies-

We can either sulk about the pandemic situation or utilize this time to learn new hobbies or get back to the old forgotten ones. Creativity is an unending ground for explorers and this is the perfect time to embrace the artist within you. You can paint, draw, write, sing, or learn to play an instrument. Creativity knows no bounds. However, if that isn’t your calling, you can always get back to reading books you never got the time to read or watch movies that have been sitting on your watch-list for years. If that isn’t comforting enough, you can always take up gardening, surround yourself with plants or maybe cooking, own the kitchen like you own that conference room!

In times of a pandemic, it is important to stay positive and positive vibes come from a healthy mind. Keep your mind and your body fit and in sync with these tips and more importantly, you do you!