JFK International Airport,New York Airport,terminal flooded

Water on the terminal of New York airport, water pipe leakage due to severe winter.

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New York: The main pipeline of water supply broke out at the New York International Airport due to the deterioration in temperature due to the cold winds and flooded the terminal due to the suspension of many international flights due to the storm due to the storm and many flights Due to suspension, John F. Problems with passengers already facing trouble at the Kennedy airport.

According to the footage circulating on CNN, the water was dripping from the roof and the area with Arrival was filled with water. A spokesman for New York and New Jersey of the Port Authority for monitoring the airport said that the operation of the international aircrafts has been suspended from Terminal Four. The water pipe is nearly two o’clock in the afternoon
The spokesman said that the water was filled up to about eight centimeters at the western end of Terminal Four and said that the reasons for the pipe burst are being investigated.