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Was the great scientist Einstein racist?His Travel diaries were written in racist remarks.

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London, Albert Einstein was identified by a great scientist as well as an anti-racism campaigner, a person running a campaign against racism. Meanwhile, from his diary it seems that the great scientists were themselves racist. A series of travel diaries written by Einstein, has been published for the first time in English. In the diary, Einstein told the people of China as ‘hardworking, dirty, low-key’.

Einstein’s Travel Diary, written between October 1922 and March 1923, has recently been published in English. Things written in the diary show that Einstein was scared of strangers and foreigners and he disliked foreigners. He wrote in a place about Chinese people that people of China do not sit on benches and do not eat, but sit down and lie down.

Likewise, about the people of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), Einstein has written that they live in very dirt. He wrote, ‘Do less work, keep the need less. This is the ordinary economic cycle of his life. ‘ Einstein’s thinking about Indians was also not good. By that time he had not come to India but in the diary he mentioned the Indian rickshaw drivers of Colombo.

Using the term ‘beggar’ for the Indian rickshaw pullers, Einstein has written that the beggars surrounded him by looking at a foreigner and he is well aware of how to solicit any foreigner until his heart is not satisfied. Although Einstein praised Ravindra Nath Tagore. Einstein addressed him as ‘Rabbi’, which is the word of Hebrew language, which means teacher or guru.