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Wanna be healthy, but also love munching? Here are 10 Guilt-free snacks for your weekend binge.

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Snacking through the day binge-watch is a weekend mood. I think we can all agree on this one, that snacking while binging your favorite Netflix shows is one of the best feelings EVER. But we’re also aware of how unhealthy munching through the day is, but we can barely resist. So if you’re someone who is trying to get healthy and is looking for guilt-free snack options, don’t worry, I got you covered!

• Granola cereal

Granola cereal is easily available in any supermarket or online store. This is extremely healthy and tasty too. The pineapple, strawberry and apricot granola cereal is equally delicious with or without milk, up to you.

• Quinoa chips

Another snack option is the healthy and appetizing quinoa chips. Quinoa chips are a great substitute for potato crisps or chips and taste just as great.

• Nuts and seeds mix

A nice mix of nuts and seeds like almonds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and soya nuts is perfect for some light snacks. This can be made at home too!

• Protein seed mix

So this is a substitute for the previous mix. This protein-rich seed mix is made from roasted sunflower, pumpkin, flax, watermelon, and chia seeds with some delicious dry goji berries. This is my favorite. It tastes super delicious with bananas.

• Protein bars

Protein bars are very healthy. They are extremely tasty and are filling too. After having this, you won’t feel hungry for a long time.

• Jowar puffs

There are many healthy puffs and chips available in the market but these jowar puffs are my favorite. They are available on Amazon for a reasonable amount. These are a set of 9 flavourful puffs with flavors ranging from cheese and herbs, Indian spices, and sun-dried tomatoes that are gluten-free, and rich in protein and dietary fiber.

• Oatmeal

Whole oatmeal with real whole fruits and chia seeds that just needs a little milk and voila, it’s ready to eat, is always recommended. It’s healthy and filling.

• Makhana

For all those who don’t know what makhana is, makhana is basically lotus seeds. They are widely known as fox nuts and are available everywhere. They are healthy and are available in many flavors and that makes them delicious too.

• Ragi chips

If you’re like me and you love crunchy snacks, ragi chips should be your go-to. These crispy ragi chips are packed with crunch and flavor. They are fat-free and really healthy. So, if you’re looking for a desi twist in your snacks, go and add it to your cart asap!

• Taro or Sweet potato chips

Finally, these real vegetable vacuum cooked chips made from sweet potatoes and taro are the perfect healthy and tasty snacks. So, I just got to know about these chips a few days back, and trust me these are literally so good. These chips are seasoned with oregano and basil and do not contain any additional flavors or colors. These taste just as good, if not, definitely better than your regular potato chips and are so much healthier. This is available on Amazon. Bon appetit!