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Vladimir Putin is to have cancer surgery, who will handle his position?

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According to sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin may be forced to leave the leadership of the Ukrainian conflict for a few days while undergoing cancer surgery and may select hardline former FSB head Nikolai Patrushev to temporarily lead the invasion while he is under the knife.

According to the Daily Mail, Patrushev, the 70-year-old current Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, is seen as a key architect of the war plan thus far, as well as the man who persuaded Putin that Kyiv is infested with neo-Nazis. According to the story, the claims were made on the popular Telegram channel General SVR, whose source is supposed to be a high-ranking Kremlin official.

“I’m not sure how long it’ll go on for (Putin will be incapacitated after the surgery)… I believe it will only last a short time “According to a source close to the matter.

Vladimir Putin was “unlikely to consent to a transfer of responsibility,” but he was open to the idea of appointing a “charge d’affaires” to oversee Russia and the war effort. “Real power of the nation shifts solely to Patrushev while Putin has the operation and recovers to his wits, probably in two or three days,” the source explained.

According to the Daily Mail, Putin has postponed surgery, which will now take place after the Triumph Day commemoration of Russia’s World War II triumph in Red Square on May 9. The allegation comes as there is growing speculation that Putin would declare all-out war on Ukraine and order the mass mobilisation of military-age males, creating a serious political danger.

According to SVR, the surgery was planned to take place in the second half of April, but it was postponed. “Putin has been recommended to have surgery, and the date is being evaluated and decided upon,” according to the website.

He also has “Parkinson’s disease and schizoaffective disorder,” which involves hallucinations and mania, among other signs of schizophrenia. Putin’s medical problems have long been disputed by the Kremlin, which has depicted him as being in excellent health despite his mysterious disappearance in recent years, according to the Daily Mail.