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Vladimir Putin is given three years to live by doctors

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A report from the Russian espionage agency FSB has suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health is failing. Doctors have given Vladimir Putin a maximum of three years to live, according to the Mirror, citing intelligence sources. According to the Mirror, the Russian president, 69, “has a serious kind of quickly developing cancer.”

Putin’s vision is deteriorating, and his limbs are trembling violently, according to the article. According to the allegation, Putin’s grave prognosis was revealed in a covert transmission from a Russian spy to FSB defector Boris Karpichkov, who is currently hiding in Britain from Putin’s assassins.

Vladimir Putin is refusing to wear glasses because of fear of admitting a weakness, according to the letter, and is now lashing out at his subordinates with ‘uncontrolled wrath.’

The news comes as reports of his failing health continue to seep out of Russia via a Telegram group claiming to have insider information from the Kremlin. Putin is said to have had a successful cancer operation this month and is recuperating after doctors advised that treatment was ‘necessary.’ Meanwhile, Putin assured French and German leaders that Moscow is prepared to explore methods to transfer grain held in Ukrainian ports.

Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Andrei Rudenko, has stated that if sanctions are eased, Russia is prepared to offer a humanitarian passage for ships carrying supplies to escape Ukraine.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the country’s Black Sea ports have been closed. The Russian military has effectively stopped commercial cargo at Ukrainian ports by maintaining a naval squadron in the Black Sea.