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Vir Das: for India – one of the most popular desi comedy gets radical in this Netflix special.

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Vir Das, one of India’s most popular comedians came up with a stand-up special about the experience that belongs to the Indian diaspora. Vir Das: For India was released on Republic Day and is still trending on Netflix!

In this Netflix stand up special, comedian Vir Das intends on giving viewers a hilarious yet real picture of the current state of the country along with the things Indians love to joke about.

Vir Das: For India is all about the comedian using desi tropes to Indiansplain food, customs and modern-day politics. Coupled with sick set design and fun writing, the comedian pushes the envelope of relatable jokes the average comedian falls back on.

This stands up special will convince you that he will fall back on stuff that always works. Indian food, customs, and politicians. He begins by talking about the little things Indians love. There’s talk of Parle – G, a shared universal feeling and there are immediate hooks for the population of the country he’s writing a letter to. It felt a lot like a throwback, a return to things he and most of the comedy circuit in India is familiar with.

Vir Das managed to cover literally everything. He spoke about Parle-G, Amar Akbar Anthony, Priyanka Chopra, and a lot more. His comedy isn’t afraid of doing take-downs of leaders, business moguls, and sellouts which basically means he certainly doesn’t back down from making the anti-government, sponsored media, and Modi jokes.

Overall the stand up special was bang on. It was extremely hilarious and it was super funny when he occasionally tried to filter some jokes only to layer with a moment of candidness, he isn’t one to mince words.

This light-hearted yet informative and impactful comedy, amazing set design, and Vir Das being Vir Das is going to drive you crazy. This is a must-watch, check it out on Netflix.