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Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Twisted’ sets a benchmark for other desi thriller series.

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Twisted is an Indian erotic thriller web series that premiered on 30th March 2017 and is still streaming on JioCinema, the VB on the Web App, and also on YouTube.

The show primarily stars Nia Sharma, Tia Bajpai, Rahul Sudhir, and Namit Khanna in Season 1 of Twisted. However, Twisted also has a season 2, starring Nia Sharma, Rahul Sudhir, and Dilnaz Irani.
Twisted has been written and produced by one of the renowned director, Vikram Bhatt. The director for this series was Anupam Santosh Saroj and Krishna Bhatt, Vikram Bhatt’s daughter was the Creative Director for this web series

Vikram Bhatt’s erotic-romance-thriller series- Twisted, has set a benchmark with respect to desi thrillers. The series is full of suspense, with a lot of plot twists. Overall, it’s unpredictable.
The series begins with a complex murder investigation, where Ranbir’s (Namit) wife has been murdered. The major suspects are Ranbir and Aaliyah(Nia) and both have different versions of stories to tell the police. It is up to them to find out who is telling the truth or is there even any truth behind this high profile murder.

However, the second season is more of a romance thriller. A game between Aaliyah and cop turned loner Aryan(Rahul) begins, wherein the latter is hellbent on putting the former behind bars for a crime she has not done. Hence, he plans and plots the murder of Aaliyah’s drunken boyfriend.
The story and screenplay are catchy and get us quickly into the cat and mouse game.

Initially what starts as a game between Aryan and Aaliyah, turns when two of them shake hands with love hitting them wild.
This season of ‘Twisted’ has a steamy love story of two twisted people. The ending was certainly unexpected, but when it came, it brought a smile on our faces. The way it ended, it seems like it has laid a good platform for Season 3 to be built upon.

However, director Anupam Santosh Saroj has confirmed that Season 3 of Twisted is coming, but hasn’t made any comments on the casting. So now, everyone’s eyes are glued to watch the next big cast. Although, if you haven’t started watching this web series yet, you are missing out on a good one.